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For those about to rock, we salute you. For those about to die, we recommend you read this list very carefully. Here’s our Top 10 alternative songs to put on your funeral Spotify playlist.

1. Like a Prayer, Madonna

If you’re keen to pay homage to your disco roots, but maintain a devotional atmosphere, then this track’s for you.
The key changes and the organ solo are enough to get your funeral-goers out of their pews and dancing in the aisles. While life is a mystery, and everyone must stand alone, your funeral will be a pop-tastic celebration.

2. Going Underground, The Jam

Frontman of The Jam, Paul Weller, has said in the past that “When I’m dead, I wanna leave a body of work, like authors or great painters do.” What Paul Weller didn’t realise is that his body of work was also going to be a gift to other dead people – albeit with a sense of humour.

This is an exemplary choice for burials. While we would discourage mod revival haircuts, we can’t guarantee that your family and friends won’t get their feet tapping feet while reminiscing about that time down the pub.

3. Starman, David Bowie

For those individuals, eccentrics, and anyone who has an interest in glitter, blasting some Bowie on your way out is sure to get everyone going.

If you’d like to think there’s a starman waiting in the sky, or you simply are a starman, then this Bowie track is one for you to blast on the way out.

4. Highway to Hell

Death’s the only one-way ticket that’s cheaper than a Megabus ride from Stockport to Liverpool. Celebrate that highway the only way here at DEATH we know how: loudly, and with an 80s classic rock riff.

This choice is not for those who think a bit of air guitar is ill-advised at a funeral.

5. Bat out of Hell, Meatloaf

This one needs no introduction, considering that the original version clocks in at 9 minutes.   With its themes centred around departing, goodbyes, and a phantom bike-riding hero travelling through a hellish landscape, Bat out of Hell is an excellent choice for anyone who’s got a rebellious streak.

6. It’s Time to Face the Music, The Muppets 

While it features on a classic TV show that centres around a group of morally bankrupt puppets, The Muppets’ theme tune is also a great choice for a funeral.

While realising we’ve all got to face the proverbial music some day is sobering, it’s also simply a great tune.

7. Funeral March, Chopin (AKA Piano Sonata No.2)

If you’d rather stay away from the Top 40, or you think a funeral is your last chance to make a big impact, then you might go for a spot of Chopin.

Moving, delicate and, we must say, an utter banger of the genre, the first few bars of this piano sonata are enough to make sure you leave a lasting impression.

8. Fame, Irene Cara

Motivational and era-defining, with fabulous key change indulgences, this one’s for anyone who lived life like an 80s cult film, jiving along the way.

Chances are you’ll identify with the lyrics, I want to live forever, even though the memory of your interpretation of that pivotal scene in the film Fame will have been seared into the mind’s of your closest friends.

9. Nimrod (Enigma Variations)

There’s another way to celebrate a life, and that’s with a massive, wall-juddering orchestral piece.  

If you’d rather not play your Club Classics Spotify playlist, but rather something a little more affecting, then Elgar’s Nimrod is for you. Playing this on the church’s CD player at the highest volume means your funeral will reach heavenly levels.

10. Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen

If you don’t think funerals should be interrupted by one of the most iconic guitar solos ever to have graced mortal ears, then you might as well close the tab now.

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