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Death and digital

What happens to your cloud when you die?

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As technology has evolved, we’re now able to do things we would never have thought possible a decade ago. Take cloud storage for example – being …


Dealing with a Facebook profile after someone dies

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When someone dies, deciding what to do with their Facebook profile may not be the first thing on your agenda.  But when Martin died suddenly, his …

Death and digitalExplainer

How Twitter has changed tragedy

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I remember aimlessly scrolling through Twitter when the first tweets came through from the Boston Globe reporting of explosions at the 2013 Boston Marathon. After the …


Sharing death on social media – can it go too far?

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We now check Facebook upwards of 14 times and spend over 2 hours a day on social media. It’s safe to say  it has truly become …


How we ritualise death in a digital world

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From the 40 day mourning period we see in the Muslim faith, to white being the colour of mourning in China – all religions and cultures …


Why is hacking into dead people’s Facebook accounts so popular?

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Why is hacking into dead people’s Facebook accounts so popular? Trading in Facebook accounts is a huge business. Inactive Facebook accounts, or those that used to …